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We are on Farcaster

We are on Farcaster! Coming
integration soon đź‘€

We are on Lens

Excited to join the Lens Protocol, full speed in the SocialFi revolution.

Communities taking the lead!

What is Daolize?

Community-Driven Curation.

Empower community members to create, award, and curate their own content. No one is left out.

Twitter Community Timeline.

Enable NFT communities to actively shape their own Twitter timeline with DAO-like governance of social content.

Authentic Community Representation.

Respect your community identity with a co-curation process instead of founder self-interpretation.

Notify on Discord & Telegram

Your community is notified about new proposals on Discord & Telegram thanks to Daolize bots.

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Permissionless Creativity.

Start creating right away, great things await pioneers.

Content Governance.

Enjoy community-driven moderation to govern your content.

Alchemy Supercharged

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Daolize your social content!